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  • L8 / L18S-A
  • L8 / L18S-A
  • L8 / L18S-A
  • L8 / L18S-A

L8 / L18S-A


L8 colum array

It consist of 8pcs 4" full range speaker. Which can provid wide range to 17kHz.  Soft and clear music which likes HIFI speaker but powerfull. 

Usually it  can be used with active  18" base.  The tops can be connects with hardware, and use 2 pcs tops at one time. 

Product Details

L8 consist of   8pcs 4inch woofer.  Both column array can be used with  L18S-A. According our design

 We have two mode: L818S-A (one L8 used together with L18S-A); L2818S-A(2 pcs L8 used together with L18S-A)

 which is widely used in most indoor and outdoor small events. 

Model   L8 / L18S-A

LF:8×4″Voice-coil  Ferrite

Frequency  Range (+/-3dB):  40-17KHz

Sensitivity (1m/1w):  90dB

Max SPL (peak / 1 m): 113dB  

Power Rating: 250W AES / 1000W PEAK

Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms

Recommend Power Of AMP: 300W@8Ω

Enclosure:  AA birchwood with Black sand paint. We can make wateroof as request.

Shipping Size(mm):  246m×231mm×1020mm 

N.W / G.W (KG): 12 kg / 13 kg


1 x18" Active  Base 


Frequency  Range (+/-3dB):  40-150Hz

Sensitivity (1m/1w):  99dB  

Max SPL (peak / 1 m): 127dB

Power Rating:  700W AES,2400W PEAK                                                                                                         

Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohm

Recommend Power Of AMP: 1000W-1200W@8Ω      (passive version)                       

AMP Module Information: 300W+1250W @8ohm      (active version L818S-A)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Enclosure:  AA birchwood with Black sand paint. We can make wateroof  as request.

Shipping Size(mm):  780m×680mm×655mm 

N.W / G.W (KG):  50kg /52kg

Widely used in: 

Theater, Conference Hall,  Disco/Bar, Church and small outdoor & indoor events. 

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