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  • V12 / V18S
  • V12 / V18S
  • V12 / V18S
  • V12 / V18S

V12 / V18S


V12 is consist of one 12 inch LF and one 3" voice coil driver.The paper is from USA and the diaphram is from JAPAN. It's compact and powerfull line array.

The maximum flying quantity is 12pcs, so it's a good choice for outdoor performance when used with V18S

subwoofer. We can make active, passive, waterproof as required.

Product Details


Two Way Passive&Active Line Array


V12 is consist of single 12 inch ferrite woofer,  one 3 inch Neo driver. It can be made in passive&active.  And this model is FIFA 2022 Qatar custom model.  V12 is the first choice for outdoor and long-distance sound pressure, strong explosive power performance systems. The paper is from USA and the diaphragm is from JAPAN. The woofer we use high quality, strong sound pressure rich and full low frequency. This model can be used as different of compact&portable system.


Live show, Stadium&Gymnasium, Conference Hall, Theater, Church



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